Mistress Kylina femdom chat

Femdom Kylina

9 February, 2011

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FemdomKylina and live bdsm sex chat.

Mistress Kylina femdomfeet

4 December, 2010

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Femdomfeet and live bdsm.

Cock control free chat

25 November, 2010

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Cock control in free live chat with tease and denial program.

Live cnfm femdom

22 November, 2010

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Just thought I’d popup for all of you guys. How are you guys all doing today? I try to leave you a message when I’m not in my live cnfm femdom. I want you guys to know that I’m thinking about you. Some of you guys really talk dirty. You need me to put you in your place. Come to mommy and let me tell you how it will be. You’ll do everything that I tell you and you’ll like it. So much so, that you’ll come back begging for more. Shut the fuck up and watch me play with myself!

Beautiful mistress feet

18 November, 2010

bdsm chat

Do you guys think you can handle them? Look at my beautiful mistress feet. I want you to get down on your hands and knees. I want you to sniff my toes. Sniff my fucking toes! Now lick each and every one of them clean. I know that turns so many of you guys on. You are only what I tell you to be. You’ll be happy when I say. If I want to see you crying your eyes out, I’ll tell you when. Now your job is to enjoy my toes. I want you to tell me everything you would do to them. Tell me now!

Femdom feet

5 November, 2010
feet pics
I don’t want to hear why you weren’t in my chat.  If I’m behind my cam I expect to see you there.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  I’m your mistress and you’ll listen to everything I say.  I want you to worship my femdom feet.  You need to tell me exactly what you would do to them.  I mean to the very last detail.  That’s what I want to hear from you.  I’m not asking you nicely to come into my chatroom and tell me.  I’m ordering you.  I’m telling you that you must do it right now.  Don’t piss me off!

Chat live femdom

Live chat foot mistress

30 October, 2010
feet pics
I wanted to talk to those of you that have been naughty and those that have been nice.  You know who you are.  You don’t need me to tell you.  My message is to those of you that have been naughty.  I want you to know that I’m not going to accept this sort of behavior.  I expect you to be in my chatroom when I’m there.  Don’t fuck with me guys.  I have a live chat foot mistress for that reason only.  If you guys aren’t good I’ll only talk in private.  You better be kissing my ass now before I get really angry at you.  You’re all just a bunch of piss ants to me.  Make me think differently of you.  Come on and tell me about my feet.

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